Forever Together Jewellery

Common Questions

How many ashes do you need?

A very small amount.  Less than 1 teaspoon will do multiple items.  The vial that we send out is around 3cm x 1cm and filling this even half way will do 5-10 items or more depending on what has been ordered.  Filling the vial completely could do around 30 items.  When you receive your kit the vial will be open.  Our vials are specially designed to enable you to quickly and cleanly fill by gripping the lid and using this to scoop the ashes into the vial.  No spoons needed.  

Any remaining ashes will be sent back to you once your order is complete.  No ashes are ever disposed of under any circumstances.

What happens once I have placed my order?

Mainland UK orders

Ashes: We will send you out a special collections kit which you then return to us. This is free using our pre-paid tracked returns envelope.  Just take this to the post office where they will scan and send back to us.  you can then track your parcel from there straight to our door.  Full instructions are provided with the kit. We need only half a vial of ashes (or one full vial if you have ordered more than one item). 

Hand & Footprint, Fingerprint and Paw Prints: Once you have placed your order we will send your print kit out to you (if applicable) where there will be full instructions on how to take your print(s).  Once you have your prints you just take a photo of them and email them to us at

Outside of Mainland UK orders

A virtual kit is sent to you via email.  This includes some information and instructions on how to send your loved ones ashes back to us.  This also includes a form to sign, however if you do not have access to a printer please don't worry.  Please ensure you include your order number and name inside your envelope however.  This ensures when the ashes reach us, we know who's order the ashes belong to.  Please send your loved ones ashes to us tracked/signed for to ensure their safety.

How long do orders take? All orders take 2-6 weeks from the date we get your loved ones ashes or images.  Gold and Platinum are the only items that can take up to 6 weeks.  All items will have their processing date on for your reference.  You can filter the website to locate items with a specific processing date also.  Please note, if you have multiple items with different processing dates, your order will be shipped once the final item is ready.  However if you need any portion of your order before the rest please don't hesitate to contact us at order date.

Do you keep ashes on file?

We used to offer this service but unfortunately no longer do.  All loved ones ashes will be returned with the completed jewellery. 

Why are you so cheap compared to other companies, are you a genuine company?

We get this question a lot.  When we started Forever Together we both had lost people close to us and wanted some jewellery with their ashes inside.  We couldn't believe the prices so decided to make our own after having years of experience in the jewellery industry.  The rest as you say, is history.  The plan from the beginning was to keep prices as low as we can without compromising on quality - and we will continue to do so.  We are a VAT registered business, registered with Companies House England so you can be rest assured you are dealing with a reputable trustworthy company.  We usually offer face to face appointments to come and see us, however due to the current COVID19 Pandemic this is on hold until 2021.  As we are an online company you will have everything you need to order from the website.  You are also welcome to order over the phone.  We understand how daunting it is trusting someone to make something so special and we are humbled you trust us every day to do this for you.

Why don't you send a collections kit before my order is placed?

Here at Forever Together Jewellery we have a very strict process in place which is paramount when dealing with people's remains.  We have a zero cross contamination policy.  When you place your order a unique order number is generated against your name, this is transferred to the pack, authorisation form and file.  This number with your name is on every piece of paperwork and jewellery we have for you.  When we receive a persons ashes back we know exactly who they belongs to and where it needs to be filed. 

How do you keep me updated about my order?

We send you an e-mail out once you have placed your order, this will have your order details and number on.  We then send you another e-mail once your kit has been dispatched and then another when we receive your loved ones ashes/prints.  Occasionally our e-mails like to hide in people's junk folders so always check in there for our e-mails.  When you order you create an account and can use those details to check the status of your order at any time should you not receive our e-mails or you can contact us via phone or whatsapp.

What are the Ashes set into?

Your ashes are set into a revolutionary UV stabilised Polymer mix or directly into the mouldten metal as your jewellery is being made*. Unlike glass it will not smash or crack and will keep your ashes permanently inside for you to treasure Forever. We only use the very best materials and techniques available.  We offer re-polishing and re-coating service to ensure your jewellery stays looking as beautiful as when you first received it. *for our secret ashes range

How is my order made?

Your order is hand made by us using the above techniques. You can have your ashes made with just ashes or we can combine them with specialist colours or glitter. This is completely optional and will not change the composition of your order. We layer the polymer along with your ashes, waiting between 24-48 hours between layers to ensure full cure and set.

Can I have engraving?

We can engrave a range of our jewellery for you.  Rings are done by hand by a master engraver with over 30 years experience and the flat pendants, lockets and necklaces are done on a machine.

Where are my ashes stored?

Here at Forever together we understand that this is a daunting time for anyone and that you trust us to look after your loved ones ashes with the utmost care and respect. This we will do. From the day we receive your loved ones ashes they are Kept in their clear sealed bag and clearly labelled with the order number and the customers name and return address along with your order and returned tick sheet.

The ashes are kept in our locked office at all times and never leave the building until they are being returned to the customer. When we create your piece they are made separately, with new tools and are made by Jenna or Kelly (the owners) only.

Can my Ashes be removed once my item is made?

Once your Ashes have been set into your chosen Jewellery they Cannot be removed, they are permanently set inside the polymer or metal.

Do you deliver internationally?

We do and this can be added at checkout.  Please check your counties import and export rules regarding ashes before placing your order.  We cannot pre-pay any customs charges for your order.  These will be payable once your delivery reaches your destination.  We cannot send ashes collections kits outside of mainland UK.  A virtual kit will be sent to you with instructions on how to send your loved ones ashes to us.

How long will my order take?

Once you have returned your Ashes kit to us your order will be started. Your order will then take 2 - 6 weeks to make. Once your order is complete we will also send you a shipped e-mail with your tracking number. If for any reason your Jewellery is going to take longer to be made we will contact you prior to delivery.

What is your Jewellery made of?

Depending on what you pick our jewellery can be made from 925 Sterling Silver, 9-24 Carat Gold or Platinum.

Gold can be made as White, Yellow and Rose Gold.

The Lockets are made out of hypoallergenic 316l surgical grade stainless steel and glass. The Rose Gold Lockets are plated in pure 18 carat gold. The plated method used is called ION plating. This is the same plating used in designer watch making ensuring a piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time. They will not rust or tarnish.

Some of our cufflinks come in 316l Stainless steel.

How do I take care of my Jewellery?

We recommend taking your Jewellery off to shower, bathe or swim. The best way to take care of your Jewellery is to keep out of contact with water.

Our secret ashes range can be worn in water unlike our polymer set jewellery.

Cleaning your jewellery is important.  We clean ours once every 1-2 weeks. All Sterling Silver will tarnish (usually more-so when not being worn) this is called oxidation. There are lots of products on the market that help keep your Sterling silver Jewellery looking shiny and new. Many things can cause tarnishing but the main culprits are perfume, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine, acidic skin and even Salty air. The amount of tarnishing (oxidation) that occurs is dependant on skin and care habits of the wearer. Tarnishing is therefor not a manufacturing fault. 

Can my family members order pieces to be made with the ashes I send?

Any left over ashes will be sent back with your order.  A new order can then be placed and you are more than welcome to send the same vial back.  If you order is in progress and you have family members who would like to place an order and use the same ashes then of course we can do, however we need your authorisation to use them on another order.  We can only take authorisation from the person who sent the ashes in and who signed the authorisation form.  This is for your security and the safety of your loved ones remains.  

How will my order be sent and what is the wait?

Upon receipt of your order (Mon-Fri) we will send you out your Ashes pack 1st or 2nd class with a pre paid tracked returns envelope provided. Packs usually take 2 working days to reach you (UK Mainland orders)

ALL completed UK orders are now sent Tracked, Insured and Signed Special Delivery.  They will arrive the day after before 1pm.

International orders are subject to current international shipping times and change depending on your country.

We dispatch our orders 5 days a week, mon-fri.

Can I drop off/collect my Ashes in person?

Here at Forever Together we have a reception area that you can hand deliver your pack. Post COVID19 our customer area has not re-opened.  The receptionist will take the ashes from you and put it in our postal tray.  You can also hand post the ashes pack to us if the office is closed (the office building is open 9-5 Mon-Fri) 

We can also arrange for you completed order to be collected instead of posted.

If you would like to deliver the ashes directly to us and not the reception staff please contact us to arrange a time prior to coming.  We have more than one location where we work from and we aren't always at the office location.  We wouldn't want you to have a wasted trip so we always recommend contacting us beforehand.

What is the cleaning service?

Here at Forever Together we don't believe in just providing a product, we provide a service.  From the minute you place your order and beyond we are here for you.  Accidents happen and we have the facilities here to help.  In the event of your jewellery needing specialist care we can help.  We have had everything from rings being caught with saws, trapped in drawers, dropped and stood on or exposed to chemicals.  It could even be general wear and tear.  For just £30 we can take delivery of your jewellery, fix and ship back to you.  Over time the polymer may yellow if exposed to high levels of UV light or chemicals (chlorine in pools or ingredients from body products) - our re-coating service will remove the last layer of polymer and re-coat with a brand new one.  Never touching the precious ashes inside.  

What is your warranty?

Our warranty is 12 months from the date you receive your jewellery*  Please contact us if you damage your jewellery, there is nothing we haven't been able to fix yet.  We can also clean and polish your jewellery for you.  Outside of warranty we have a cleaning service which you can purchase from the website here as detailed above.

*21 days for chains - if you'd like to purchase additional or replacement chains these can be found here

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