5th January 2021

Following the government announcement last night we are still open.  Our usual office hours are subject to change due to the schools being closed and socially distancing staff but we continue to operate.  If you call us and are unable to get through please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.  For a quicker response we recommend using the contact us page on the website, emailing us or sending us a message on social media.  

  • Orders - no current delays at any stage of the order process
  • Processing Time - 6 weeks from the date we receive your loved ones ashes
  • Stock - no current delays on stock
  • Shipping - shipping 3 times a week (which will not delay orders)

We will keep this page updated with any changes or updates.  We have made the decision to socially distance all members of staff again to avoid the whole office having to self isolate or become poorly.  This means that most days there will be only one staff member in the office at any one time.  We operated like this in 2020 effectively.  The phone lines being the only thing affected at present.

Thank you to our customers old and new for always being so wonderful, we know the last year has not been easy.  We are positive by the Spring we will be coming out the other side of all this.  Lots of love to everyone x


4th January 2021

Following tonight's announcement we are working through what the new restrictions mean for our business.

We have ensured the vast majority of all orders to be dispatched during the whole of January and some for February are already finished.  This will enable us to prevent any delays.  Currently we are experiencing no delays on stock or processing times so if you have an order being made you can expect it on time or earlier than expected.  If this changes at any point over the course of the next few weeks we will as always advise our customers individually and post updates via social media and our website.

From the initial information we have been able to find it appears that we are allowed to operate as we 'cannot reasonably work from home' and will be checking our postal pick-up's remain active tomorrow.

Due to the materials we use to create the jewellery we need to be in the workshop with access to the PPE and loved ones ashes to then make the jewellery.  Ashes are never removed off our secure site under any circumstances.

As many of you will be in the same situation, our young children are now at home again full time.  We are working logistics out with our significant others to ensure both work and children do not suffer.  With school closures and isolations over the last few months we have become experts in juggling school work and our work as I'm sure every other super-mum (dad, grandma, grandad, carer) has over the last 10 months - you're doing amazing by the way!!

Like when we re-opened in the summer we will ensure every member of staff is socially distanced to prevent the whole office having to isolate or become poorly.

Tomorrow we will finalise than plans for how the next few weeks will look but rest assured we will ensure our customers receive their precious jewellery on time and have us here to contact if needed.  Our opening hours might be a little strange but no matter what time of day you contact us, if we aren't available right then we promise to call or email you back.

We know this time is incredibly hard but we are on the final stretch now.  Sending so much love out to everyone who is struggling and so very fed up of all this.  We hear you and we are with you xx

3rd January 2021

We are open from Monday 4th January 2021.  As is usual for the last few months we are keeping a close eye on the pandemic.  We are in a Tier 4 area so unfortunately we cannot re-open the face to face appointments just yet.  We are hopeful by the Spring this will change.

We have been very very lucky to avoid any staff becoming ill with he virus and any isolations or school closures haven't caused any delays.  This is thanks to the many steps we put in place last year.  We hope that this continues.

The gold stock that was removed late last year due to supply chain issues will be back next week albeit with a slightly longer wait than silver.

We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a much more normal Spring and Summer and we hope everyone is healthy.

The light at the end of the tunnel is there.  Every day is one step closer.

Love to you all.

Forever Together x


Current Processing Time is 2-6 Weeks From The Date We Receive Your Loved Ones Ashes.