Please note, although we have re-opened we are working reduced hours in the office . We are working through orders and queries as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience at these uncertain times

COVID-19 Statement

As you may be aware we made the decision to re open on May 11th 2020 after closing March 24th 2020. However we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. We are open but on a vastly reduced scale. There is only one member of staff in the office at any one time and we can only ship twice a week at present.

Q. When will I get my pack?

A. Please allow 7-10 days for your packs to reach you. The Royal Mail are taking a lot longer to deliver stamped post than normal. Unfortunately this is completely out of our control. You will receive an email once your pack has been sent to you. Please note packs are sent twice a week currently. 

Q. When will I get my order? 

A.We have had a lot of emails asking when orders will be with you. 

This is completely understandable and we would feel the same.

For any ashes received after May 11th 2020 you will have received your usual processing date via email and should the pandemic continue to decline we do not see any delays with your order.

For all orders that were due to be dispatched whilst we were closed,  unfortunately we cannot give a specific date. All as we can do is promise you that (as always) we are working  as fast as we can (without rushing) to get your orders to you. Due to the steps we put in place before the closure and our hardworking staff we are hopeful by the end of our first 3 weeks back we will have made 7 weeks worth of orders. Ensuring everyone’s order can be shipped as quickly as possible. 

Q. Why can’t you give me a more specific date?

A. We never want to over promise and under deliver. We know from being customers with other companies if we are given a date that isn’t fulfilled this is upsetting and this is what we don’t want to do. COVID19 has already pushed orders back. The pandemic is completely out of our control, how we  continue to help our wonderful customers however is not. We don’t want to say ‘expect an order this week’ for the  Royal Mail to skip a pick up or for the jewellery to in fact need 1 more coat before polishing and shipping. The final coat takes 5-7 days to fully cure. It wouldn’t be fair on our customer. Please don’t take the  inability to give a specific date as anything other than putting our customers feelings first. You all mean the absolute world to us.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. The phone lines are still diverted to ensure that whoever is in can work fast to ensure your orders are with you as  quickly as possible. To contact us please email or contact us via social media message.

Q. When are you allowing customers to come and see you in person again?

A. At the moment we cannot answer that question I’m afraid. It is too early to say.

Q. When do you expect to get back to normal?

A. We are working on creating a new normal going forwards as I am sure many other businesses are doing. As soon as we are confident the safety requirements for our staff can be met we will look to open on a larger scale.